OMERO University of Turin Interdepartmental Research Centre for Urban Studies

OMERO is the center for urban studies at the University of Turin. It is an interdepartmental collaboration whose aim is to design and implement cutting edge research and to promote discussion on urban transformation and mega events. In addition, the center consults with stakeholders to provide scientific advice on practical and policy matters.

OMERO’s strength is in its collaborative, interdisciplinary design. At the center, scholars from a wide variety of disciplines, including economics, sociology, urban planning, communication, technological and cultural studies, work with other national and international research institutions in the production of research and to host events.

Interdepartmental Research Centre for Urban and Mega-Events Studies

Room 1 D3 08
Lungo Dora Siena, 100 A – 10153, Turin (Italy)

+39 011 0912685

University of Turin

Via Verdi, 8
10124 – Turin (Italy)

+39 011 6706111 (contact centre)

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